Learn About Absofitly

At Absofitly, we believe that each person’s journey to a healthy body is unique. That’s why we focus on tailoring the weight loss, fitness, and nutritional process to each individual’s needs. We want to help people achieve a balance between their diets, their body’s nutrition, and their fitness – so they can become the healthiest version of themselves.

We know that mental wellness is key to eliminating the mental blocks preventing you from achieving your absofitly self. That’s why we offer support in all areas of health and fitness – from being active and exercising to eating nutritiously and taking supplements. Because you are what you eat! And when you’re physically fit, nutritionally fit and mentally fit you will obtain your absofitly self.

Why Was Absofitly Created

The founder of the company started in web design and marketing where he helped promote fitness software, trainers, and weight-loss companies. As an athlete in a former life, he really loved the industry and made it his mission to learn as much as he could about health and fitness so that he could provide the best solutions to the end users.

Over the years, he noticed a disconnect between all 3 of the main industries he aspired to promote and create a solution. What he found was that most weight loss companies focused only on weight loss–not fitness. In some cases, they didn’t even care about weight management after you reached your goal; if you came back to them for another program, they’d charge you again. On the fitness trainer side, there are 3 groups: people who want to get fit, gain muscle, or lose weight. Most trainers can help with the first type of training–but not all have a background in nutrition. It again goes the other way too–not everyone offers strength training–not everyone does better at it than nutritionists do!

He also noted that all these groups have supplements with different views…from either perspective (the fitness trainer or nutritional). He also noticed that they track progress in different ways: fat percentages lost, BMI gained or lost, looks good/doesn’t look so good any more ext. One model doesn’t fit all: take for instance people who want to lose weight. If you’re strictly just looking to shed those extra pounds—this is perfect for you–but if you’re gaining muscle, because muscle weights more than fat.

The Solution

Absofitly was created to handle your entire fitness process. It simple and closely resembles what modern medicine does — you go your primary Care Physician (PCP), then get sent to an appropriate specialist if there is anything the PCP can’t handle. This holds true for our company; we’re your general fitness provider, so you come to us first, and we direct you to the right specialist based on goals.

This first step begins by using a BCA scan to take an in-depth, full body measurement. Combining two types of BCA scans ensures both internal and external outcomes. Next we go through the measurements with the patient, determine what they want to improve, and set short term and long term goals.

2nd Step is we suggest what kind of coaching, programs, or tools you need. If you’re struggling to find time to workout and just want to lose weight, we have a solution for you. If you need instructions on anything related to nutrition or fitness, we can help find the perfect coach for you. Plus, we offer do-it-yourself tools to those that need limited support. We’ll create a personalized plan based on your stage in life, where everything is tailored according to your needs.

Primary Fitness Provider (PFP)

In his quest to bridge the gap between the fitness, healthcare, and nutrition industries, he created a company that takes the primary care physician approach to fitness. In other words, he created a concept of a “primary fitness provider” (PFP). Same concept as Primary Care Physician (PCP), but for fitness. You come in for a check up and if you need help then they will subscribe you pills (supplements) or send you to specialists (fitness trainers). This is his way of combining all three industries into one cohesive unit.

Compare PCP & PFP

Primary Care Physician
Primary Fitness Provider

Will diagnosis and treat you for common illness

If you have a common illness, your primary care physician (PCP) will likely be able to diagnose and treat you. Common illnesses include the flu, strep throat, sinus infections, and ear infections. Your PCP will also be able to provide guidance on when you need to see a specialist or go to the emergency room.

Will diagnosis eat treat common fitness goals

With your primary fitness provider (PFP), you are receiving advice on how to get fit. Your PFP can recommend short- and long-term programs, help you track your fitness progress, and provide solutions for when a goal is proving difficult.

Prescribe Medicines

As your primary care provider, your PCP is generally the first person you will see when you are sick. They will likely prescribe medicine to help you get better.

Suggest Supplements

AYour primary fitness provider (PFP) is usually the first person you will see for exercise and nutritional advice. They may suggest supplements to help you see results faster.

Medical history

Hospitals store medical records, which can make it easier when you see doctors in the same network. However, some people prefer to have one doctor who knows all of their medical history and knows them personally. This might help if they want to stay healthy or look for the source of any health problems they're experiencing.

Body Composition History

Most apps have your body composition data and other fitness records, but keeping each app updated with your personal fitness provider (PFP) makes it much easier to share the stats with your sports trainers and coaches.

Health plan

Likewise, if you already have a doctor, you trust and get on well with, it can make the process of making a health plan much easier for both you and them. If you want to create a long-term plan for maintaining your health, having consistency and familiarity with your provider might be a good idea.


Similar to the idea of choosing a doctor you already know; you can make it easier on you and your training team by creating long-term and short-term plans for your fitness goals. With our programs, you have regular visits with your coach which will create familiarity and reliability. Our approach is not just about fitness care - we focus on creating programs that are unique for each individual.

Annual Check-up

Going to the doctor every once in awhile is a good idea. Your primary care doctor will know about any issues you've talked about previously, and seeing them might also help

Monthly BCA Scans

It's important to get a monthly body composition scan in order to make sure you are reaching your goals and not relapsing.